Potted Amaryllis

From September until January, we breed potted amaryllis. Here for we use big bulbs, the bulb is very well visible in the pot. We mainly produce plastic potsize 14, but we also have stone terracotta pots in bigger sizes. We produce a big assortment of potted amaryllis; devided into a basic assortment, specials and fully double species of amaryllis. The pot is provided with a stylish and luxurious label with on it the name of the species and an clear picture of the flower.

We also have waxed Amaryllisbulbs. Liv in Wax®. In this concept, the bulb and the roots are waxed. The result is a nice decorative effect. Waxing the roots gives an additional advantage: the bulb stands firmly and can not fall over when it grows and blooms. We have various types and colors of wax in our range. including wax with snow and glitter.

We also sell dry amaryllisbulbs. We deliver them in a wooden crate. Each bulb is provided with a luxurious label with the name of the species and an clear picture of the flower on it. We have bulbs in various species and various sizes.

Besides the dry bulbs, we sell sprout-amaryllis. These are dry bulbs, with the first buds visible. These bulbs are very well suitable to use in planting decorations.